The robust all-in-one suite for your community

The days when setting up your communities' website was a pain in the ass are over.

Everything you need to grow your community.

Well everything you need if you aren’t that picky about minor details like tax compliance.

A feature rich, hand-crafted homepage giving your players a foolproof experience.

Simplify everyday business tasks.

Expense tracking isn't one of the more easier tasks... Not with cosmo though!


Stay on top of your servers transactions, all in one place.

Cosmo keeps track of your transactions so you don't have to, letting you spend more time on all of the little things that matter.

Platform Bans

Never loose track of whose not welcome on your community.

We don't just provide the software, we give control to the owners allowing them to get rid of the trolls and minges who don't deserve to be apart of the community.


Organize all of your forums boards, for a more sleeker look.

One of the most used features on any forum software included in cosmo, at your fingertips.

Join the suite revolution!

Your one-stop all-in-one suite is only one click away.. What are you waiting for?

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Loved by community owners.

Our product is made for people who have little-to-none experience with websites. Getting your community's website up and running has never been easier nor faster.

    • It's literally all you'll ever need. I previously used EMBER and had a lot of issues with it, support was slow and bad, and overall it was just not good. So I decided to get COSMO and its so much better. The several themes are awesome, the amount of customization is incredible, and if you ever need support they reply so quickly. They take suggestions and implement them quickly! I recommend 100%.

      Not a server owner
    • I mean it's the best you can even get at this point with multiple themes, easy admin configuration, and much more. It's far more worth the price tag it's currently set for. $35? You might say well I say that's a steal for what you get as long as you know how to properly set this website up. Because of this addon I have a great website and a completely automatic donation system. Amazing addon and great devs. (okay I said it can you let my family go now?)

      Nexus Networks
    • We struggled with other donation systems for rust for months. Worked with the devs and the web host to no results. We even got so fed up we began giving away vip. Cosmo has changed all that. Within 1 hour our store was finally able to do what it was intended to do. There simply isnt ANY other web store for Rust that compares to this. Anything else is money in the trash and time spent in frustration, skip all that and buy this!

      Not a server owner
    • These guys are crazy with owning a addon. I've been working on my forums for awhile now, and I've always lacked something. COSMO has everything I could ask for, from beautiful forums pages, it's own built in donations, and overall simplistic configurations. On top of that, whenever I needed any support, they were weirdly always there. I don't think I waited for 5 minutes to get some help. If I could suggest any "forums addon", I would pick Cosmo.

      Donut Gent
      A gentleman
    • Why I love it? It's extremely easy to get going, configure and customize with all the information they provide and how the system is setup/designed. It also is very sleek, simple and modern designs (Four themes available). It's an amazing product for those who don't know anything about creating websites or coding or anything. It's pretty dumby proof.

      Great guy
    • So far, since purchasing roughly two days ago, I've had zero issues and errors setting up a single thing with Cosmo. I end up finding more features than I expected each time I head back to the panel to set up more. Excellent job by the team at TbdScripts. Can't wait to see what the players think!

      Server Owner