Cosmo the forum and store KILLER

Cosmo is a multi-parted including: an index page, store, forums, profiles and much much more, all fully configurable from a safe and easy to use admin dashboard. you will be able to purchase cosmo here


About Us

Who exactly is TBDScripts?

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Name: TBD Scripts

About: A freelancing & designing agency. We have countless hours behind the screen working in many different environments, Our overall goal here is to provide a high quality product to our paying customers. Our current project, Cosmo, is an all in one solution for Source Engine server owners, creating a platform for their users to become closer. We are aiming to bring everything a community needs into one space.

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Name: Morgan Moon

About: I'm an 18 Year old freelancer specialising in Web/NodeJS development living in Northamptonshire. I've been freelancing for around 3 years with the majority being in Web Development / Design. I'm currently trying to innovate my website designs as well as taking them to the next level integrating svgs and other misc images to make the website pop from the rest of the competition, making them cleaner/more unique.

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Name: Mex De Loo

About: My name is Mex (commonly known as Zeo online) and I'm a freelance developer from the Netherlands. I have been developing for almost 2 years, starting with NodeJS development and slowly moving towards Game and Web Development. Currently I'm trying to improve my front-end skills, to make sure my websites look as good as they function.